Unit 6 Welcome to the unit

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Teaching Plan

Unit 6  Welcome to the unit

By Chen Zulan

Objectives: 1. Know the main task of the unit

2. Learn words about natural disasters

3. Be able to tell difference between natural disasters and accidents

4. Be able to say something about the natural disasters



1.      Task 1—What are we going to learn in Unit 6?

1) Show the task question, let Ss think about it while learning

2) Before listening. Ss look at the comic strips and think about the questions:

     What’s the weather like?   --It’s raining outside.

3) Ss listen to the tape and answer these questions (facts):

What happened to Hobo’s house?    --It’s all wet.

Does Hobo want to go back home alone?    --No. He wants to go home with Eddie.

4) Ss listen and repeat after each sentence, T show them one by one

5) Let Ss look at Picture 4, guess the meaning of “mop”, encourage S to do an action to show it

6) Ss read together and think the following questions (open):

Why doesn’t Hobo want to go home alone?

--The floor is all wet. He needs some one to help him mop it up. He doesn’t want to do it himself.

How does Eddie think of the idea?

--He doesn’t like the idea. He’s the master, so he shouldn’t do these things. He’s very lazy.

7) Ss practise in pairs to act it out

  If Ss need help, show them the sentences

8) Go back to the task question, let Ss guess and express in Chinese “自然灾害”—natural disasters

9) Show the main task of the unit

  Encourage Ss to read it out for others


2.      Task 2—Learn words about natural disasters

1) Show Ss the pictures about them:

   flood, earthquake, rainstorm, snowstorm, thunder and lightening, typhoon

2) Ss do Ex (Part B) to check themselves


3.      Task 3—Tell the difference between natural disasters and accidents

1) Ss do Ex (Part A)

  Ask Ss to guess the meaning of new words

2) Check answers. Encourage Ss to read the sentences and then give out their answers

3) Learn new words according to more pictures and model sentence


4.      Go through all the new words, read them


5.  Task 4—To be a news reporter

 Ss work in groups of four

 Choose a kind of natural disaster to talk about

 Report one by one

Remind Ss: Work as a team, help each other


6.      Draw a conclusion

Scientist say

   There are more natural disasters today than before.


   Protect our world/ motherland.


7.      Homework

 Welcome to the unit.rar